How to Play Mind Games with Your Boyfriend

I've already written how to become the woman of his dreams. Now it's time to have some fun. Pushing buttons is my favorite thing in a relationship – it's incredibly personal, and it's like an inside joke between the two of you!

WARNING: This is only recommended for the fun / frivolous dynamic couple types – if either one of you is easily rattled by change, then this is not for you.

Now, my idea for a relationship is 90% fun, 10% serious business. Your lives are entwined for a sometimes-brief or, sometimes-surprisingly-long amount of time. So it's really your call if you're still up for little tests to bring out some spice in a relationship, or finally just settling. Your problems are his, and his problems are yours. The fun part is annoying your boy-toy without becoming part of his problems. These would either drive him wild, or make him start remembering why he likes you in the first place. The purpose of these naughty schemes is finding out a little truth, and just plain punishment. We're all wired to avoid pain and pursuit pleasure, what if both stem from one person? This makes you hard to read, and not easily taken for granted. Now for some sexy saboteur-work!

Make statements when you know he's busiest. After a hard day at work, he has a basketball game with his friends – ask him to come over with something after that, like, a cupcake, or the latest issue of your favorite magazine. If he, blessed with some amount of extra energy, does come by, give him a "goodnight and go." If, say, he has a week for a vacation, occupy it by asking him to go some place, say, like La Samanna.

This little exercise tells you one of two things: is he flexible enough to surrender to a torrid terrorist, or is he just "too tired" to even see you? Do not make this a determinant on whether or not you get to keep the guy, (if it's a relationship, then you're both entitled to co-ownership status, right?) It's just a test. J (PS. Do not do this if his busy-ness stems from family matters.)

Become a mistress for detail. Remember what he says about certain things, then quote him on it when he's about to do the opposite. Like, for example, he says, "you're the first thing on my mind when I wake up." – give him a 3 am-wake up call and ask him what's on his mind. If he says something like, "it's 3 am !," banter with, "I thought I'm the first thing on your mind when you wake up?"

Given, you may have caught him off-guard, but, does that mean that when he says off-guard, what does he say and what he does are two different things ?!

Hot and cold. Become hot or cold water based on … anything. I have this bad feeling when things get too good sometimes. Create a little drama. (Just a little, mind you.) Be amused at a small gesture he does for you (something you really appreciate, I hope!) And reward him by being crazy for him that day. (This'll surprise him.) Next day, just be cold.

For some reason, (and hopefully everyone can relate) when you act cold, it is magically assumed that you're angry over something. If he gets guilty – why? Is there something to be guilty about? And what, girls are not allowed to be moody ?!

Be open to bribes though, they're fun to receive.

This was written as retaliation for some boy-crimes. (You know what they are!) Plus, I've been swept off my feet more than a couple of times already! These are for finding out some little facts about your boy-toy. Do not let these be a measure on whether or not a relationship is worth keeping. (Make it a footnote!)

Source by Sarah Trull

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