Games to Play at Work

Nowadays, many organizations have come up with the idea of ​​playing games at work. As the famous saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", so the companies have introduced the concept of playing games at work. Games certainly serve as a exhilarating break from the daily dreary schedule and also tend to sharpen up a person's mind or skills.

Without the play element at work, human beings will become golems, which they are not and never want to be. Different kinds of games promote different levels of enthusiasm or liveliness. For example, some games are used to nurture team spirit, some to step-up team building while others are used to boost the cooperative nature amongst employees.

Strive to Survive is one of the games played at work. In this game, each team is given a scenario, and the team members decide the path of action. This game calls for the team members to arrive on a common consensus and take instant conclusions. Ask the team members to play diverse characters and see them settle who is preferred to survive the disaster.

Another interesting game that can be played t work is known as "Animal instincts". Ask the team members in every team to decide animal sounds to associate with certain actions. For example, a bark indicates bending down while a quack may indicate running and so on. Ask one of the team members to be blindfolded to perform the actions (animal sounds can be used to guide the player) and others have to guess it. This game fosters effective communication between team members and increases their logic as well.

Another game called "body language" can also be played at work. Ask each member to spell a word by means of his / her body language, and ask other members to guesswork the word that is being spelt through "body English". This game is about logical associations, and also helps to improve communication.

There can be many games between the ones mentioned above. All you need to remember is that winning or losing does not matter. What matters is that you should play as a team!

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