Games Online – Why White Label?

If you have a popular brand or website and are looking for a new revenue stream for your internet site, have you considered white label games such as bingo, casino, poker or betting?

It is typically extremely difficult and time consuming to set up and arrange a license to operate an online game site. It requires a lot of infrastructure and know-how to get it right. It is also illegal to operate online gambling in many jurisdictions. So why not let a white label games company do the hard work for you.

What is white label gaming?

Well, it is the arrangement wherey your brand becomes the front end to a games network and its infrastructure. Joining a games network will offer you the opportunity to gain immediate player and cash liquidity. This ensures that you can show immediate and regular cash play to your customers. While the infrastructure, which would be operated by the white label gaming company, should offer software, gambling and gaming licensing, banking arrangements and customer service support, amongst other elements.

Can anyone white label?

You do not need to be a huge household name or a large brand such as Virgin to enter into a white label arrangement. You do not even need to have a current website. As long as you can demonstrate either that you have an established or popular brand, and a good client database that you can promote to. Most white label companies will then be happy to enter into an agreement.

The white label games company should arrange all the necessary contracts and agreements that you need to sign. They will also develop the web front end along the same design as your current brand image. Companies like St Minver Ltd have a Gibraltar gaming license which allows them to operate a gaming network from that country. They currently have over 60 white label arrangements across Europe for bingo, casino, poker and sports books.

What are the benefits of white label arrangements?

Apart from the access to a gaming license, you are provided with an immediate games community and large jackpots. Recently a £ 20,000 bingo jackpot was won on the St Minver network. It is almost impossible to provide this kind of jackpot immediately, unless you are being bankrolled by a multi-millionaire.

The community in the chat rooms is one of the largest pulls for joining a network. Already the network will have established chat rooms and it is possible to create chat rooms in various languages, as long as the white label company can provide the correct number of international customer support staff.

You will not need to develop the software to power the games, as the gaming company will already have access to various software and will do that for you.

St Minver has recently said that player numbers on its bingo, poker and casino networks have swelled massively since the beginning of the year. As of the beginning of April 2006, the company said its networks are currently hosting 30,000 cash players a day, with up to 7,500 concurrent players on its sites at peak times.

It said the increase has been fueled by the introduction of a number of high-profile household brands and launches into Sweden, Spain and Russia.

So the market for joining a gaming network and promoting your brand using online games is there for all to see and is yet to be fully exploited. Take bingo for example. There are currently around 100,000 online bingo players in the UK, but this is only 3% of the number of actual land based bingo players, showing that there is much room for transition and expansion into this market.

Activity across the bingo network will continue to grow, and with the Christmas period looming, it will prove to be especially busy as people try their luck in order to help themselves to a bonus pot of cash for Christmas.

So why not consider white label games as an opportunity for your brand to increase its revenue streams …. The future is bright …… the future is white.

Source by Morgan Collins

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