Family Game – The Perfect Game For Any Family Or Group Get-Together

Are you planning a family game night or looking for a fun family activity idea? Have you played each of the family board games one too many times and need something different and new? Perhaps you are planning a party or get-together with some neighbors or friends? No matter what the occasion, ages of those playing, or dynamics of your family or group – play this fun game for your next game night or get-together!


# of Players: 3 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

To begin this extremely fun acting game, choose one person to leave the room. All the others playing will collectively decide on an adverb. Examples might be: humorously, obnoxiously, quietly, forcefully, etc (there are certain adjectives that work just as well). The person who left the room (referred to as "it") will come back in and randomly choose people to act out certain verbs. But, the people acting must act out the verb in the manner of the adverb. For example, if the adverb chosen by the group is quietly, "it" may ask someone to: eat, walk, dance, sing, read, jump, etc. If walk is the verb chosen, the person who is acting will have to act out walking, but do so quietly. And, there is no talking allowed while acting.

"It" will then try to guess what the "adverb" is. After the first person acts out walking , "it" will guess what they think the adverb is. If they do not correctly guess quietly, they will ask another person from the group to act the adverb, but this time they must have a different verb. Now, someone may have to read, but do so quietly. If "it" does not guess the adverb correctly after the second acting, they only have one more chance. After the 3rd person acts a (different) verb in the manner of the adverb, if 'it' still can not guess what the adverb is, they do not receive a point. If, however, they do guess correctly what the adverb is within the three guesses, they get a point. Each person will take a turn being "it" by leaving the room and having to come back in and try to guess the chosen adverb – each round the group will choose a new adverb to be acted out. The first person to score 5 points is the winner!

Source by Matthew Toone

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