DIY Printable Games For Adults: It's Easier Than You Think

So you're having a grown up gathering and need printable games for adults. You have three options. Either you can create the games yourself; find free printable games lying around the internet; or invest a few pennies in professionally designed printable games.

The first option is the one I will spend the most time on because that's the focus of this article (smile). There are several advantages to creating your own printable party game. For one, you can customize to your hearts content. Customizing means you can use the names, questions, data, and information that you deem appropriate for your audience.

For example if you're planning to create a printable bridal shower game like "What's In The Bride's Name?" you would simply open a word document; type the bride's full name at the top of the paper; add some fancy border and clip art and you're ready to print and play. In case you do not know what this game is or how to play, let me explain …

"What's In A Name" is a popular party game concept for any occasion. The party guests try to make as many words as they possibly can use the letters of the name at the top of the paper (preferably in all capital letters or large font for better visibility) whenever it is a brides name, grooms name, baby name , character, actor, song, etc. You get the drift. Each letter in the name or word can only be used once and the people playing the game have a specific amount of time to come up with new words. The person who comes up with the most "real" words wins. By real words I mean other names, words that are in the dictionary, or slang terms approved by the host.

To create your own printable games for adults, you will need just a few things:

  • Time to create an idea or come up with a name or phrase for your game
  • Word processing software (or you can write the name or phrase neatly at the top)
  • Decorative stickers, clip art, or images relevant to your theme
  • Paper for printing – this can be color, plain, or decorative
  • A printer and or copier to make enough copies for guest

Once you have an image of the party game in your head that you want to play, sit down at your computer or take out a pin and paper and make a rough draft of the game. Play around with borders and clip art to see what looks best. Once you've positioned your page title (name or phrase) and added decorative pictures and borders, you're set to print!

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