Cahir Mawr Dyffryn api Ceallach, or simply Cahir, was the information officer of …

Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach, or simply Cahir, was the spokesman of the Nilfgaardian Empire who shouted from Vicovaro. He was the son of Ceallach and Mawr, Brother Dheran, Aillil, and Assyria's cousin was Anahid.
During the first Nordic War he had a secret task of finding, capturing and bringing Cintra's Princess Cirilla back to Nilfgaard. At one point, while killed by Cintra, he was very close, but Ciri was moved and fled from him (he said later to let her escape for purpose). Because of this meeting, he often appears in Ciri's nightmares. It was only later that Geralt realized that he, Cahir, was a black knight with the birds on his chest on the helmet.
When the witcher first met Cahir, he had recently been released from prison because he failed to pick up Ciri. He had only expected to escape the gallows, but the emperor decided to give him one chance. If he failed once more, the shoulder invited him. He also says that the likelihood of excuse is very small and forgiveness, none. Then Emhyr again, Emreis, Emperor Nilfgaard, was tasked with finding Ciri.
He was then sent to Thanedd Island along with Rience and Scoia's command under the command of Isengrim Faoiltiarna. He was the perfect occasion to satisfy the Emperor's will, with the little girl right before him, without any escape. Ciri, on the other hand, is now able to defend himself and make it so cruel. She finally conquered him but decided to let him live, but not before he left him with permanent injury.
After being taught by Ciri, some fairies found him while he blew out; When they were trying to cure him, Gerattacked killed all the elves and saved a black knight just because he told him that while Cintra's slaughter saw him, he saved Ciri.
Cahir was forced to escape or cope with the aforementioned serious consequences
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