Adjective Games – Two Fun Adjective Activities

1. Students place adjective cards in appropriate places in the classroom.

  • Choose twenty or more adjectives and write each one on a piece of piece of paper or card. For example you could write happy, cold, fluffy, disappointed and wooden.
  • Divide the class up into small groups.
  • The challenge for each group is to take four or five of the adjectives and place them in the classroom. "Happy" could go on a student who is having a birthday, "cold" could go on the air conditioner, "fluffy" on a stuffed toy, "disappointed" on a sad picture on the wall and "wooden" on a chair. Give each group a different set of adjectives.
  • To keep the noise down each group could complete the task silently while the class watches and the teacher keeps track of the time.
  • The group that finishes the task in the shortest time wins.
  • To introduce the game or if you have a lower grade, you could ask students, one at a time, to come to the front of the class, take an adjective and then place it somewhere in the classroom.
  • For a noisier, more active version of the game, take your class outside. The groups can race to find places for their adjectives in the playground.

2. Students race to think of adjective types .

  • Divide the class up into small groups
  • Give each group a large poster size piece of paper and a handy of marks (you can use A4 paper and pencils but poster paper and marks are more fun).
  • Ask the students to fold the paper into 4. This allows the game to be played four times.
  • The teacher chooses an adjective type and each group has to write down as many adjectives as possible in 3 minutes (or whatever time the teacher decides). Adjective types could be colors, emotions, texture, sound, size, origin, number or smell. You could also choose things to do with the ocean, the rainforest, pets, gardening, transport or any other subject.
  • Each group scores a point for any adjective and three points for an adjective that no other group has.

Source by Sherry Goodrich

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