10 Summer Games For a Baby

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a swimming pool or a beach nearby in the summer months, however we are not spared by the heat. Therefore, we propose 10 water games that you can play in any garden or park when the temperatures rise so that the children can cool off and at the same time have fun. Great ideas to animate our summer parties.

1. The flying balloons

For this game, we would only need some balloons and desire to have a great time. What we have to do, is fill the water balloons and pass it among the children avoiding that it falls to the ground. The moment it breaks, we'll get wet and we'll be super cool. To add difficulty to the game you can enter two or more balloons in the circle.

2. Summer piñata

Accustomed to the piñatas, today we want to propose one of the most refreshing. For this, we will need candy wrappers and small toys that we can put in a large balloon. We will need enough balloons, some that contain surprise and water and the rest that only have water. We'll put them all on a string like when we wear clothes … and to get the surprise, we'll have to get wet!

3. Relay of water bottles

We will need to make two or more teams. Each team will need two buckets of water and a plastic bottle. We put the children in two rows, with a bucket full of water. At a reasonable distance, we will put the second cube that will be empty. The game consists in the children filling the bottle, transporting it in the head to the second bucket and filling it. Each child must do this step until the second bucket is full. The one that previously filled the second cube will win. You have to be very careful not to throw the bottle down the road!

4. Water handkerchief

This is the classic handkerchief game but with a much fresher variant. We will have to make two teams. In the middle instead of a handkerchief there will be a bucket with water balloons. The participants when they hear their number must approach the cube to take a balloon and try to give their partner of the opposition team. Add points to the child of the opposition team. You have to be very fast!

5. Color with ice

This game is very cool and creative. To do this, you must prepare some colored ice beforehand, for this you put water and tempera in a bucket. When the ice is made, we will use a roll of continuous paper and we will paint with the colored ice. We will have a completely frozen picture!

6. Feet in the water

For this game we will need 2 large sponges and 4 buckets of water. We will divide the children into two teams, they should line up on their backs, with their knees bent and the soles of their feet on the floor. The feet of the back will touch our head. The game consists in that the first of the row, must take with the feet the sponge of the cube, and pass it to his partner at his feet. In this way the water will drip all over our body and we will be very much cool. It is important to hurry since the first team to get the sponge to the other end will win.

7. Sliding board

For this game we will need a fat plastic (like a water pool) and a fairly long one. We will put it on the floor with a little soap and water, it will become a very slippery board. We can dance on it or make us slide with care. We will give ourselves a blow but it is very funny!

8. Hunting cups

In a bowl or a large container filled with water we put some plastic cups, which weigh a little. With a fishing rod we can do with a stick, a little rope and a clip we will have to hunt down the cups. This game has many variables because instead of cups we can put any toy that is easy to catch with the clip.

9. Water shoes

To make this game children must wear shoes that can get wet. We must put a basin full of water. We will place the children about five meters from the tub and these with their backs to him should throw the shoe. When all the children have sneaked the shoe the game will be over. It can be proposed as a competition with two teams and will win the team faster.

10. Sponge set

Each child will need to have a bucket and a sponge. The sponge will be dipped in water and thrown into the air to be picked up by the other partners. When flying loaded with water the sponge will splash a lot and we will enjoy a shower that will refresh us in the most fun way.

Source by Alisha Ahmed

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