WoW Gold – The Game's Economy

Blizzard's World of Warcraft is a pioneer when it comes to online gaming. Years after its official release, the MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) continues to perform outstandingly and has successfully kept gamers entertained with new expansions. Like every other game in the genre, character progression is the very essence of each game. For every MMORPG, character progression is closely tied to the in-game currency. In World of Warcraft, the currency is called Gold.

For new gamers, the question of, "What is WoW gold used for in the game?" is very easily and clearly answered from start. As gamers level up in WoW, they will have skills and ability choices. Gamers will need to buy these skills so as to enhance their character's gameplay. In order to obtain these skills, WoW gold is needed. WoW is leveling-based. Characters progress is measured by their level. As gamers progress through the levels, more equipment choices and items become available to them. These equipment also become more and more expensive. Continuing without buying the level-appropriate gear would mean introducing your character vulnerable when it comes to PvE, PvP and raids, basically all types of fights.

As WoW gamers climb up the leveling ladder, the need for WoW gold becomes more and more prominent. Respecs, which in simple terms means the selling of old skills and buying of new ones also requires a lot of WoW gold. Just like in the real-world, the demand and supply of certain items, weapons and armors actually determines the market price. In World of Warcraft, there is what we call an auction house. This is where people come to trade and make WoW gold by earning profits from sales. Rare and epic items are usually very highly priced given that they are not easily found and tend to require gamers to engage in boss losses to obtain them. The more common an item, the cheaper their market value becomes.

The common ways to earn WoW gold in the game is questing, grinding monsters for loots, crafting and of course buying and selling items at a higher price at the auction house. The financial success of each gamer really depends on luck, resilience and wits when it comes to making business with other gamers. A more risky but commonly found tactic to make WoW gold is buying it from fellow players using real-world money. It is without doubt that this practice lasts over the years although it is considered the last resort for most gamers.

In conclusion, the value of items as well as the currency itself in World of Warcraft can be highly volatile and is dependent, to a large extent, on the gamers. The actual trends, needs and play-style of gamers is what molds the in-game economy and the value of gold in World of Warcraft.

Source by Brian G Burroughs

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