The Pros and Cons of Games Consoles Such As the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360

With pros and cons of just about anything imaginable, here are some simple and basic pros and cons relating gaming consoles. There's not too many, but there are some which need consideration.

I've written previously regarding the pros and cons of individual games consoles but never on the subject as a whole. This, of course is quite different, especially if you're a newcomer to this field or if you're considering buying one for family or friends.

The most popular consoles at the time of writing are the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 with the Wii in first place for sales figures at a whopping twenty five million sold in just over eighteen months.

What's the pros and cons then of games consoles? They can be summed up in just a few actually. I would have to say first the most obvious one of all – they force you to stay on yer bum for hours on end! The exception to this is the Wii where you do actually play the games as if you were really out there in action doing it.

Secondly, the graphics. In today's console world they are just superb and getting better if that be possible. It does need to be said though that the Wii graphics are not quite up to scratch with ps3 and xbox 360 – just a point to bear in mind.

Thirdly, price. Ah yes there's always a price is there not? Prices for the current consoles are in the region of £ 175 to £ 299! To be careful, the £ 299 beauty is the ps3 at one end with the best selling Wii at around £ 175 at the other end, while in the middle is the Xbox 360 at around £ 195.

There are, of course other factors involved but in my opinion these are the main ones to bear in mind – fitness or the lack of it, quality, and last but certainly not least is price.

Bottom, bottom, bottom line is, if quality graphics are of top importance go for the Xbox 360 or ps3, but if fitness and health is your priority then go for the Nintendo Wii – it will definitely help towards your fitness goals.

Source by John Milligan

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