The Effects of Online Gaming

Have you ever sat down at your computer because you were just so bored and you needed to find something to do? Did you pull up a game, start playing, lose track of time and wonder how it happened. The purpose of this article is to inform you of some of the negative side effects online games can have on your life. Many employees pull open a game at work at times, to pass the time and because they need a break from what they're doing. Tho what they're really creating is a lazy work ethic, if this problem were to go unchanged for say a week or more, you lack of work flow could soon become evident to the boss. In the case of a student, they might be taking a quick break from studying for a test and decide to turn on a quick game. Once they begin playing, they put off studying until the last minute and likely end up scoring much lower than what they should have, if they've stayed on task.

Although these are everyday problems in many a persons daily life, there are other cases much worse which need to be bought up. There are those who become so absorbed into gaming, that they stop taking care of themselves, quit their job and in many cases die. You might say, well that would never happen to me, I could never have that added to a video game. That may very well be true, but the fact remains that there are those who simply refuse to stop and they need to be helped. This article is not entirely against gaming, it does have it's good points, many of them in fact. Playing an online match with friends can lead to many good experiences and laughs, as well as relieving stress after a long day. You see what I said tho, after, meaning after all other tasks have been completed. Gaming, like eating, is something that needs to be done in moderation.

Source by Brandon A Kelly

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