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Tetris Games are one of the most popular games available to play worldwide. Currently, billions of people are enjoying Tetris Online Games that are available right from the Internet. You might wonder why this game has become so popular, and that is because its a simple game with a simple concept but it is a very challenging one. The mechanisms of the game can even make expert gamers experience a difficult challenge. The game is very addictive and that is because while playing a level and think that you are beating the game, you might suddenly get a mix of Tetris pieces that do not work well together which will get you to continue playing until you can fix the mismatched pieces.

Many variations of the game is available these days that are some different than the original version. This is a good thing as more options are available along with different kinds of challenges which makes these Tetris games different and even more exciting.

The first version of Tetris was designed by Alexy Pazhitnov, the object of this game was to line up different kind of hats instead of Tetris pieces that we know of today. They fall from above on different heads below. The player needed to ensure that two of the heads wear the same kind of hat so that spots would be available for different types of hats. It can be compared closely to solitaire, except that there is a time limit.

Super Tetris is a modern version available that is similar to traditional Tetris Games but it has an exciting twist with new features. Instead of dropping Tetris bricks, there are other types of pieces that fall, their are bombs, different brick shapes, metal bricks that you can not destroy. The game is very challenging and fun at the same time. This is one of many Tetris Online Games that is available for you to play. You can find many variations of Tetris Games online with the power of the Internet and Flash player installed on your computer.

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