Silly Christmas Games For Elementary Age Children That Will Make Them Laugh

Children always love Christmas parties. Planning holiday parties for elementary-age children is almost as fun going to one. When you have a Christmas party for kids, there are so many great games you can play. Have plenty of prizes on hand for the winners. Make sure to have a camera readily available to take photos of the silliest games.

Fill The Christmas Stocking Game

Get the kids moving and active with by filling up Christmas stockings. Create teams with 3 to 6 children. Have a Christmas stocking for each team hanging on the wall along spoons and a bowls of candy. The first person on each teams places a backwards spoon their mouth so the bowl sticks out, then gets candy from the bowl. While holding the spoon in their mouth, the player must run to the stocking handing on the wall and get the candy in it. When done, the player runs to the back of the line so the next child has a turn. Each child has their own spoon with the game continuing until no candy is left. The prize for winning the game is a huge bowl of Christmas candy!

Christmas Unwrapping Relay

Another action packed option is a Christmas unwrapping relay. Place two piles of gifts at the end of the room. The presents can be dummies or real, depending on your budget. Divide the kids into two teams to start the relay race. One player runs to the stack of gifts, unwraps one, throws away the wrapping paper and runs back to the team. The next child in line runs to the stack and does the same. If wrapping paper lands outside the trash can, the player must run back to put it in the can before another person takes a turn. The winning team opens all the gifts first and gets a prize.

Christmas Remembering Game

Now that you've played a couple of stimulating games, the children are probably ready to rest for awhile. The Christmas remembering game is a sit-down party game. Fill a large baking tray with a variety of Christmas items such as candy canes, holly, ornaments, garland and bows. Include a minimum of 20 items on the baking tray. Give each player 20 seconds to look over the items then cover and remove the tray. Have the player write down the items. The player who remembers the most items wins the game and gets a prize.

Christmas Word Search

Another way to keep the kids sitting is a game of Christmas word search. During this learning game, give the children a list of Christmas words and ask them to find other words within the words given. For example, if the word is stocking other words kids might find include king, stock, sock and tin. Use long words such as reindeer, poinsettia and Christmas so the children can find plenty of smaller words.

Christmas Circle Game

Children always have fun during a game that involves sitting in a circle. This Christmas circle game is also a memory exercise the children will love. The game tests the child's ability to recall details about people such as their voice. Have a sleigh ornament or make cut a sleigh out of cardboard. Blindfold a player and have another player hold the sleigh. The child holding the sleigh says to the blindfolded player, "Where is Santa's sleigh? Someone took it today. Who has the sleigh?"

The player wearing the blindfold must guess who is holding the sleigh. The player has 3 chances to guess before the sleigh and blindfold are given to other players.

Snowman Christmas Game

Another sit down game for elementary children involves simple drawing skills. Give each child a pencil and paper. Have the children close their eyes and tell them what to draw on the paper. Tell them the shapes without letting them know what they will draw. Tell the children to draw three circles, with the largest circle on the bottom and the smallest circle on top. Have the kids to draw buttons for a coat and dots for eyes. Continue talking until you describe a complete snowman then ask the children to open their eyes to view their drawings. The winner is the child who drew a picture that looks the most like a snowman.

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