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You may be a big fan of traditional wrestling games, that is well known to take place in school gyms during its regular season, or whatever you may be a big fan of Wrestling Entertainment Television, there is a common ground. It all began from the ancient Greeks. The sport of wrestling originated with the Greeks, primarily in Sparta where the country based on battle and fighting. It was seen to be a technique for combat where every Greek male was encouraged to participate in. Wrestling was first seen in the Olympics back in 704 BC in the Greek Olympic games and since then it has become extremely popular.

Due to this popularity, some specific moves have been explored through many years during wrestling matches to help dominate the challenger and put them through a submission. A popular hold known to take the opponent down is the clinch hold. This hold is best performed when the wrestler controls the opponents movement while in a upright position. This can be done in many different movements such as a high clinch move and a bear hug. In most cases, the arms of the wrestler performing the move will go directly around the waist of the opponent and hold until the other wrestler becomes weak.

In order to win the match, the wrestler must conduct a pinning hold. Basically, he will ensure that the opponent is under him while he is on top in trying to win the wrestling match. There are other similar holds as this is known as a submission hold. This is a basically a test of the opponents pain threshold-hold. The object is to inflect pressure to the point where the opponent gives up, taps out and the wrestler wins the match. Along with these submissions there are chokes holds, this can cause the wrestler to pass out before he can tap out.

There are many types of holds available and each wrestler is an expert or perfectionist in their own favorite move, but its very well known that if this is a sport that you would like to pursue, you should be very careful as you can very well be hurt in this sport.

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