Play Games Online For Cash – Deal Or No Deal, Pick the Money

One of the newest games you can play online for cash is based on the hit TV game show Deal or No Deal and just like the TV show, prizes can be very high. Since the first days of television there have been game shows and people have won huge prizes and money. The only problem with these shows is that only a select few people ever get to play. It takes luck more than skill to get selected to be on any one of the shows.

Now you can play those same game shows on the Internet whenever you want to and win cash and prizes. One of the most popular game shows on TV at the moment is Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. In this game show, contestants are asked to answer questions to earn the chance to select a briefcase that has a prize value in cash. As you answer more questions correctly you are given the chance to trade briefcases in the hope of increasing your winsnings.

The King game website has come up with an online version of the game that is very similar. It does cost to play but the prizes can be quite large ranging in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. The rules are simple much like the original TV game. You are given a selection of 26 briefcases to choose from, one of which contains your prize amount and the other your question. In order to win your prize you must answer the question correctly within the given time.

Each time you answer correctly you also get to choose again, adding to the total of your prize, on the other hand if you answer incorrectly you are given a chance to take a deal offered by the "host." If you choose to take the deal then you take your wins and cash out, even if you want to win the big money prizes you have to click on no deal and answer the next question.

This is a progressive game, the more questions you answer correctly the more you can win. However you should also realize that since it is a pay to play game you do stand the chance to lose the money you have deposited into your account.

Before you try playing for money, there are free games to try your luck and test your knowledge, once you feel ready, make a small deposit which they will match and start playing for those big cash prizes.

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