Play Bingo in Many Different Ways

There are many different ways to play BINGO. Starting with the very basics, a Bingo card has 24 numbered spaces with one free space in the center. There are thousands of randomly generated cards with BINGO written across the top.

The first column under B has numbers between one and 15; I column 16-30; N 4 numbers plus one free space between 31-45; G column 46-30 and O 61-75.

To play bingo, the caller from a round cage, which he / she spins using a handle and randomly numbered balls drop down a chute, pulls numbers 1-75. The caller keeps calling numbers until 1 or more players call BINGO. The game stops and the numbers are verified.

As I stated before there are many different ways to play bingo between the traditional game, where 5 called numbers match up horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

Here are some other different ways to play, which may be new to you:

  • Blackout: all the spaces are covered
  • X pattern and 4 corners should be self-explanatory
  • 6 pack: fill a pattern of 6 numbers (2 rows of 3 horizontally or vertically)
  • Large picture frame: fill every space around the outside of the card
  • Small picture frame: fill the numbers surrounding the free space
  • Postage stamp: fill 2 squares of 4 numbers on a single card, each in the corner of the card
  • Kite and tail: fill a diagonal and one of the corners and across the diagonal making a pattern looking like a kite
  • Top and bottom: fill top row and bottom row

As you can see there are many ways to play bingo, which really expands the fun and anticipation of winning beyond the traditional route.

Source by Barbara A Busby

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