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The Naruto-Arena is an interactive game play site. This is unlike your traditional video game play where you have two players face off. This is more like a strategy combat game where each player takes his / her turn at delivering moves / damage! It is highly enjoyable, and a little addictive if the truth is to be told. (remember everything in moderation, and you can`t go wrong)

After logging into the arena and selecting start playing, you are directed to the arena where you can either select a ladder game or a private game. Ladder game: When signing up you are immediately entered on to a ladder of achievement, where as you progress in battle the higher you climb the ladder.

There are two ladder categories.

Ninja Ladder

This is the most important in the Naruto-Arena. It is International which everyone joins automatically when you start playing and shows each individual players skill in their quest to become Hokage.

Country Ladder

Every country that has at least 10 active players automatically competes in this ladder. If you want to know the most important factor on how this ladder is formed remember that this ladder looks at the top 10 players of every country. The number of players in a country minus the average ladder rank of the top 0 players is used to work out the countries points. (formula: amount of points = total players – average ladder rank)

Back to play; you will automatically be selected an opponent once in the Arena. The battle is a three vs. three match. Both you and your opponent select three characters to fight for you until one of the teams is defeated. Each of your characters has 100 health points at the start of the match. Your objective is to get your opponents characters health points to zero. To do this you will have to work tactics and strategies that will do damage to your opponents characters, and this is where the fun begins.

By means of chukra players can perform special moves individual to them, choosing the right player with right moves is essential to becoming Hokage. There are four different types of Chakra, and every skill uses a different set of Chakra.

(A chakra is a spinning vortex of energy created within ourselves. There are seven major Chakra arranged along the spine.

The main thing to remember when playing is its a team game and you will have to work well with the characters you select and get the most out of their special skills, and be aware of any weakness`s they may have. Selecting the right team is essential to your success. Happy Gaming Folks. 🙂

This overview is but the tip of the iceberg to what is an extremely well thought out game. The sheer number of members to this site (826,000 and normally around 3,000 on line at any one time) makes me think Google might be interested in this one.

Source by Christopher Spiller

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