Life Is A Divine Game – On Playfulness and Playful Living

We are Divine Beings, immersed in our own play. What a gigantic playground our planet is . You see all kinds of plays and games unfold here:

Beautiful homes are built while homes get destroyed.
War games are exercised and peace is enjoyed side by side.
Barely surviving here and abundance overflowing there.
Whatever scenario you can or can not imagine you'll find it here, in ever changing patterns.

This being said, most of us find it difficult to simply accept the world as is.
Most of us cultivate an opinion on what is good and what is bad and how our world needs to be changed.

Naturally our ideas about change are based on what kind of a play we ourselves prefer.
We try to change the world so that it suits our own game.

A man who enjoys a life governed by rules tends to think the whole world would benefit from more control – even if others prefer a life without limits and restrictions.
A woman who enjoys harmony tends to believe peace is all that our world needs – even if others prefer games of combat.

The thing is, life is an ever-unfolding creative process, life is without precedent .

No one knows what's best for everyone.

No one except the Creator of it all aka God, Higher Self, Universal Consciousness, Oneness …
However, I'm sure God does not "figure out what's best for everyone".

Oneness simply is. Consciousness expands and plays.

The closer we can get to that intelligence, that power, that wisdom, that love, that creativity , the more joyful and playful is our own living experience.
Creativity is the very mark of God the Creator.
Playfulness is the very essence of Creativity.

Playfulness means being totally into something and know nothing is carved in stone.
Playfulness is embracing life as it unfolds itself in the present moment – and then take it into the next moment. And the next and the next, flowing with life's flow.

The world is a playing field, a sandbox for our creativity.
Playful living is when you re-connect with your Creator: You're totally in the world and yet you're not of the world. You're free.

With playfulness as a guiding light , everything's possible in the world and there is space for all. It is not necessary (nor is it attainable) to narrow our opportunities for exploration, play and unfolding.

"But" you might say. "You can not go around and just be playful. What about obligations? What about money? What about other people? What about all those things that stop us and limit us and frustrate us each and every day? Life is not an adventure. .. "

Truthfully, it can be!
It takes practice, and not everyone wants it this way, but by all means, it is possible.

To get into a state of divine playfulness is very much like a treasure hunt :
Like with any other treasure it takes commitment, patience and faith .
Also, you will need a map .

It so happens, that a certain explorer of the Human Game has found out already where the treasure is.

He has drawn a map showing rather how to get there.

He is sharing it with anyone else who cares to follow his route.

I am getting there.
If you feel a tug towards it now then it's probably a sign that you might want to go there too.
So take a look at it and see how it feels.

Your Ultimate Treasure Hunt begins here: Visit the Inner Travel Agency or view the Inner Travel Journal and look for Tools for Ultimate Freedom …

If you choose to follow this route, you will ever discover that life is a divine game for you to play – and a child's play too – in the very best sense of the word.


Source by Halina Goldstein

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