How To Tell If A Guy Is Playing You For A Fool? 7 Instant Signs That A Man Is Playing Games

Nobody likes being cheated on or being dumped! If you want to make sure that you do not get fooled by your guy, do not be in a hurry to give him your whole heart until you know for sure that he is serious about you and not playing you. These tips will let you know if your guy is just playing you.

He will be careless and ruthless at times
A player is a guy who is not really bothered about you. All he is interested in is having a great time and getting his way with you. He will be careless about things that matter and without realizing it – will be pretty ruthless when it comes to hurting you. Beware of this type of man, as he can leave you feeling devastated and unhappy.

His attention will be wavering
If a guy is just playing you, he will not be able to give you his undivided attention. Instead he will always be distracted around you. He will be bored and look for attention at the first opportunity. If he is not really interested in you, you will not be able to grab his attention.

He will not want to give you ideas about the future
The very fact that he is not serious about you and has no plans for the future means that he will never want to talk about it. Any mention of getting serious would put him off and his talk will become stilted and his manner will grow cold. He will do all he can to discourage you getting any ideas about the future.

He will tend to make false promises
If he is just playing you he will try to fool you into thinking everything is hunky dory when it is not! He will tend to make false promises and will find it difficult to keep them! Even if he does promise you things, it will just be keep you quiet and satisfied for the moment. You will find it difficult to trust him as time goes on.

He will cool off if you try to get serious
The moment you try to get him to put a ring on your finger – he will begin to withdraw. A player is just there to enjoy the "present". All plans for the future will not include you! He is just out to get his needs satisfied and because of this selfish attitude, he will find it hard to settle down with anyone.

He will become demanding and selfish after a while
In the beginning he will be loving, adoring and compatible. He will try to put you at ease. But as time wears on, he will start to slip up and reveal his true colors! Before your very eyes he will start to change. Where once he was giving and accommodating, now he will be demanding and selfish. This is because he is only out to satisfy himself and is not interested in settling down with you.

He could think nothing of cheating on you
Dating a man who is a player is pretty risky stuff. If you are blind to his faults and do not see the obvious signs that tell you that he is just a player, you could end up lonely and sad. If he boldly and shamelessly flirts with other women, ogles them and even receives mysterious calls, it proves that he is cheating on you.

Source by Krista Hiles

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