How to Deal With Men Who Play Mind Games! Know Their Game Before They End Up Playing You

A lot of men are good at playing mind games. Imagine having to wait for hours when he said he would call, or how would you feel if he cancels a date that you needed to make room for on your busy schedule? In order to deal with this kind of guy, you must know what to do so you do not always end up looking or feeling stupid.

Play the same game as well.
One technique you can use is to play his own game to him as well. Even though you hate mind games, you should try it just this once so that your guy would have a dose of his own bitter medicine. When you play his game, he may realize how irritating it is to experience such and such, he might stop doing it to you.

Learn from your experience.
Your man certainly has played these games so many times on you in the past. Learn from your experience each time. When you have mastered his techniques, then you would know how to approach it as he throws it at you once more. His games will not ever work once you know the ins and outs of it.

Ignore his mind games and do not let them affect you.
Ignore them as much as you can. The only way you'll definitely lose is if you let it affect you all the time. As much as possible, do not let these things bother you and put out that shield of yours so you do not wind up getting hurt all the time.

Never blurt out your anger and frustration.
This would only make him feel more powerful as these mind games are his way of toying with your emotions and if he sees that you are fuming mad each time, then he's feel victorious.

Talk to him and tell him how you feel.
Tell him exactly how you feel because it is also possible that he is not aware of what his playfulness is bringing in to your relationship. Tell him that you appreciate how much he wants to test your feelings for him, but there's no need to bring in psychological techniques just to prove it.

Understand why he is doing all this.
You may also want to understand your man because there might be a reason why he's playing all these baffling mind games. Did he have a traumatic experience about relationships in the past and this is his way of coping? Or is he trying to punish you for something? Try to look deeper into the situation.

Give him the cold shoulder if he keeps up with it.
After talking to him and telling him how you feel, it is time to give him the cold shoulder if he still does not change. He may realize what a jerk he has been and may just change for you.

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