Great Outdoor Games For Fundraisers

Fundraisers or charity events are not always black tie affairs. In fact, many fundraisers and charity events are held in parks, at street fairs, and other outdoor venues. If you are planning a charity event outside and are expecting a lot of families to attend, then consider having some charity event games. Games allow participants to get involved with the event and games can also help to raise money for a great cause.

If you have sponsors for the event, then consider seeing if they would be willing to donate some prizes for the fundraising games. Gift certificates, little prizes, and other small prizes can be enough to get people excited about participating. And since it is for a good cause, then it will much easier to get people interested. Also, keep in mind that you might want to consider bringing extra prizes, just in case you underestimate the amount of participants.

There are a lot of fun games that can be played outside in a tournament like fashion.

* Traditional Potato Sack Race
A traditional potato sack race is a fun game that kids can get into. There should be potato sacks available for the participants and a clear start and finish line. The potato sack race should be announced so that visitors can get to the playing ground to cheer on their players. Each team should pay a nominal amount to participate in the race and there should be an age appropriate prize for the big winner.

* Three Legged Race
This game can be played using the same field and potato sacks that were used for the potato sack race. This is a fun game that parents and their children can team up on. If there are more participants than potato sacks available, then consider breaking up the participants into two games. This can be split up with participants that include an adult and child, and another game with just children. If you do decide to split up the race into two or more races, then just make sure that you have enough prizes for all the winners.

* Cornhole Game
Cornhole is a great game that would be fun for adults to play. The game can be played with teams of two, so two participants can pair up together. The game requires two platforms, each with a hole through it. The object of the game is to toss the corn bag into the hole from about 30 feet away, or on the platform. If a cornbag is tossed through the hole, then the team gets 3 points. If it lands on the platform, the team gets 1 point. The goal is to reach 21 points. This is a really fun outdoor game that can be played in a tournament fashion, which allow many players to participate, yet results in only one winning team of two. Cornhole is similar to horseshoe toss, ladder toss, and other targeted throwing games. Cornhole can be played on a flat grassy playing field, or even set up at a parking lot or other flat surface.

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