Fun With Numbers: Counting Games For The Classroom

The goal is to keep it from getting boring. It has been shown in many cases that repetition through song is a fun way to teach the basics such as counting. It can also be a physical exercise / break for the kids.

The following are some great hints and some ideas you can use as a base for your counting games:

o Themes:

Have a special lesson plan that centers around certain visual aid or activity involving counting.

For example:

Let's take the theme of apples. Perhaps you could have the children eat apple slices as a snack during your class. Tell each student that he or she will get four apple slices and have them count the slices.

If the class is more advanced, you can say "ok we have forty-eight slices of apple identical.

Or maybe you could try something less complicated such as if we need ten apple slices, and each apple is cut into five apple slices. How many apples will we need to make ten apple slices? "And if the group is older you can ask" How about twenty? "And so on.

This kind of counting games for children, in such a case as this, could also be used as a method of teaching the children to compare colors – such as the different colors of apples, the colors that apples are, and then what colors the apples are NOT, etc.

o Repetition:

Repetition is very important when learning any skill at all. However, repetition is especially important when learning numbers, colors, letters, etc. Games, activities, and even stories in which numbers are repeated are a good counting games for children.

Games and lessons using repetition will also set a foundation for children and the success of their educational experiences for the rest of their lives – a basis from which to model all other learning.

When you use fun counting games in class you should try to play the games on a regular basis. Choose the games you will use regularly based on the children's response to several games you first introduce to them.

It is a fact that the more children (or anyone, for that matter), repeat the same information, the more likely it is to be retained in his or her memory.

o Rhymes

I believe that rhyming is one of the absolutely best methods to use as counting games for your students. In the same fashion as children memorize the alphabet, the methods of rhyme and / or song are unparallel as tools for memorization.

For example:

Sing a song about numbers with your students such as the following:


"One, two, three

scrape your knee

four, five, six

get it fixed

seven, eight nine

right on time

ten, eleven, twelve

for the recess bell! "

You can even use hand movements with these kinds of counting games for children, often kids will learn the song faster when you use hand movements, plus it makes the game more fun!

Hand motions will also allow the kids to get up from their seats for a while – a small pause from sitting at their desks – which is good for them.

Another example of a fun counting song:

This song, "The Bakery" is one I remember hearing about a while back – though I have not yet used it in class, it has proven to be very affective as well as one of the many counting games for children:

"Down by the school by the bakery shop

there were nine little donuts with sugar on top,

along came (child's name) all alone

(he or she) picked up the red one and she ran on home.

Then, of course, repeat until you are down to zero. These kinds of games can be fun, and there before hold your student's attention. It is especially exciting because you sing a different child's name every time.

If the class is too large for you to sing every child's name without wasting too much class time – switch it around. Sing half of the student's names in the song one day, and change so the other half of the class gets a turn next time.

Source by Anne Clarke

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