Dance Party Games – Putting the "Dance" in "Dance Party

If you're having a dance party, games that will get your guests up and moving are an absolute must. Throwing a few games into proceedings encourages everyone to get involved without feeling self-conscious, and can really make the event more enjoyable. Here are a few ideas to light up the dance floor:

"Musical Magnets" Dance Party Game

One person is in charge of playing the music, and the rest of the guests must dance. Periodically, the music is stopped and the person in charge of the music calls out a number. Guests must form into groups of that number, with any people left without a group having to leave the game. This dance party game continues until there are 3 participants left – the player left without a partner leaves the game, and the final pair left are the winners.

"Newspaper Dancing" Dance Party Game

Guests pair off into couples, and start off with a full sheet of newspaper on which they must dance. Anyone stepping off their sheet of newspaper is out of the game. The music is stopped at regular intervals, when each couple must fold their piece of paper in half. Towards the end of this amusing dance party game (and with their newspaper folded up into a tiny rectangle), couples will be struggling to stay on their paper, dance around on one leg and avoid knock their partner over.

With any good dance party, games only add to the fun and laughs for all involved. Being part of a game can encourage everyone, regardless of how good a dancer they think they are, to get up, bust out a few moves and have a great time.

Source by Gail Leino

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