Christian Couple Sex Games

A Christian couple sex game can not only celebrate fun and intimacy of Christian togetherness, it also serves to celebrate God, which has brought the two of you together in the first place. Here are some important ideas and guidelines for engaging in intelligence through game play:

1. Always focus first on prayer and the celebration of God. This will strengthen the fun and excitement to come.

2. Erase awkwardness, guilt, or embarrassment. Engaging in a Christian couple sex game by first engaging in a simple prayer session, will relinquish from the both of you, any conscious or subconscious judge, embarrassment, or shame couples may have while engaging in healthy intercourse, which can usually be the main event which a Christian couple sex game will lead up to.

3. Know you are in sync with your Christian religious practice. Sometimes it is an ingrained issue that can spring up in the back of the minds of Christian couples who may feel wrong or unsure if their Christian couple sex game is really in sync with their religious practice. By adding prayer and celebration beforehand you release these thoughts to God, by simply acknowledging the fact that in the celebration of your love, you will practice and praise in intimate, fun, and exciting and erotic ways, which will only serve to strengthen the bond between the both of you, and your oneness bond with God.

4. Be creative and have fun. Christian couples are unique with one another and should not have a problem thinking up fun and exciting ways to create an intimate Christian couple sex game. Ideas can range from the utilization of Christian intimacy aids or toys, or can be as simple as making up ones own card games or changing the rules on existing board games (for instance, let's say if one collect only 200 dollars but also receive strong affection from their Christian mate!)

Source by Chess McDoogle

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