Bowling – Different Types Of Playing The Game

The basic concept of bowling, a game that extends back to ancient times, is to roll a ball along a flat surface in order to knock over objects. Our most popular and most well-known and broadly played form of bowling in North America is the ten-pin version. This kind of bowling method, in both amateur and professional capacities, is (in the opinion of many people) a wonderful game. Its exceptionally long term entertainment success for general recreation is proof of that.

Different types of bowling are typically classified, in the most basic sense, as indoor or outdoor bowling. Obviously, the one most of us are used to playing takes place inside. There are common factors, of course, the use of what is referred to in the game as a lane, the ball, and objective of the game itself. Most of the lane is much longer than it is wide and is similar to a section of straight road. The most common regulation lane measures about sixty two to sixty three feet from the foul line to the pin pit, it is also usually between forty one and forty two inches lengthwise.

North America's ten-pin bowling method is one of several – it actually evolved from a nine pin game in the nineteenth century. Five pin bowling is also very popular in Canada. Europe most commonly plays a version of a nine pin game that they call nine-pin skittles. Candlepin bowling is very popular in astern Canada and in the New England states. This is yet another version of ten pin bowling.

A version of the game of bowling referred to as duckpin bowling is most often seen in the mid-Atlantic, and southern New England States, as well as Eastern Canada. Using small "squat pins" which are typically smaller, wider pins. And these include rubber parts. It is a fun, ten-pin version of the game you can enjoy as a recreation or hobby to play with friends and family members or anyone else.

Another version I will use as an example is the version of bowling called "Cocked-Hat bowling." This version of the game actually originated in Germany and was adopted into popularity by certain people in the United States. Nonetheless, its popularity was short-lived. There is, I believe, only one location in the US where cocked-hat bowling is still played. This place is a little club called The Corner Bar in St. Louis. Charles, Mo. It is a three pin game, using special duckpin bowling balls.

The last example I will provide is a kind of bowling called "feather bowling." This kind of bowling is also referred to as Belgian trough bowling. As you may have deduced, this particular form of bowling originated in Belgium, but it has gained popularity in Detroit as well. Nonetheless, there are very few places or chapters in which the game is available for the public to play. And bowling leagues in this style of bowling are unheard of, as far as I know they do not exist.

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