10 Suggestions for Themed Role plays to Spice up Your Bedroom

10 Suggestions Cop and Bad Guy / Girl,
Doctor and Patient, Arabian nights, Stripper and Customer, Maid / servant, Naughty schoolgirl / boy, The innocent, Boss and Employee, Hooker and customer, The stranger

Cop and Bad Guy / Girl

In this scenario, figure out who gets to be who. You can have any female or male combination that you'd like, so long as you keep a straight face and a pair of handcuffs handy. The partner playing the cop role may want to knock on the bedroom door and holler out, "Police, open up!" When the bad guy / girl answers the door, they can deny anything that they're accused of. But in order to be thorough with his / her job as a cop, they may have to handcuff and perform a thorough strip search. And this means EVERYWHERE a weapon just might be found. Fun things to use include a cop uniform and a badge, handcuffs (of course), and even a play gun for effect. The bad guy / girl can plead for their innocence and offer to do ANYTHING to get out of the charges … and their clothes for that matter.

Doctor and Patient

Much like the cop scenario, partners get to choose rods to play. The doctor or nurse can also perform a very thorough examination of every part of the patient. Perhaps the doctor is trying to make sure that the patient can still have an orgasm, or a few. You can use a lab coat and a stethoscope for the doctor part. And those cold ends of the stethoscope can help to perk up a lot of places on the body, as well as the heart. And what if the insurance does not cover the appointment? There's sure to be something that the patient can work something out …

Arabian nights

For a more ethnic and exotic role play, you can set up your own harem. This works out well with a male in the power position and the women as a part of the harem. Perhaps the woman has to perform for the man as he wishes her too- belly dancing and all. Or perhaps she is new to the harem and needs a little training as to how the master desires her to behave and please him.

Stripper and Customer

Of course, many of the readers will automatically think that the woman will be in the stripper role, but this is not always necessary. Men can strip just as well. The customer can make sure that the stripper works for it. Sometimes a private show is in order if the stripper is not as pleasant as the customer had hoped. Wearing some provocative lingerie at this point is completely appropriate– along with high heel boots or shoes is a great touch.

Maid / servant

While the issues of who gets to serve who is a little interesting. Women are always wonderful in the little French maid out, but what about the men? Well, they can always be the boy toy at the command of their woman. Have them do inane things, but make sure that they're in the skimpiest of outfits. Lots of bending over and sexual favors are mandatory.

Naughty schoolgirl / boy

If you've ever had a detention or just had to stay after school, you got that there was a way to make it more tolerable. Well, now you can live out that fantasy. No longer do you have to write your name over and over. The teacher can come up with other ways to work off the offense. And of course, the teacher will need some coercing into the 'punishment.'

The innocent

This role play works best with the woman in the innocent position, but men can be there as well. The person who is the innocent needs to unaware that they are being sexy. Perhaps they can wear something overly provocative, like a body stocking, under their clothing and when the other one finds this, they can 'teach' them about how to please someone or something else that they can do.

Boss and Employee

Most people have had the fantasy about their boss or a coworker, so why not bring that into the bedroom as well? Sometimes there's been a bed performance review or something that has gone wrong, so the employee at fault needs to find a way to correct their actions. On the other hand, sometimes the employee can talk to the boss about being promoted and offer to help with the process.

Hooker and customer

This role play is much like the stripper, but you can be a little more saucy and risky with it. Perhaps you can have the woman walk the street near the house one night in a provocative outfit, short shorts etc and be 'picked up' by the man as though she were a prostitute. There would be a discussion of what services could be rendered as well as payment.

The stranger

Like the prostitute role play, you can take this one out of the bedroom. Arrange to meet each other in a certain bar, but then pretended to pick one of the other up. Play it off as though you know nothing about each other. And then go home and find out everything that you can.

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