Your Game Preference – Types of Games Available For PCs and Consoles

Have you ever considered what kind of games you prefer to play on your computer or on your Xbox 360 or PS3? Most people these days prefer to play games this way without leaving the comfort of their homes. But selecting a game is a big issue as you find thousands of games available in the market and online. What you have to see is what your preference is.

To find an appropriate game you have to select a long list of titles which sometimes are usually not very descriptive and do not really tell you about the game. What you have to know is how to read the categories of games.

Here are a few terminologies used for describing games commonly used by sites and even same text can be found on the CD or DVD covers:

Role Playing Games (RPG)
This is the category in which the participants assume the roles of characters. Then the player goes about performing different tasks of battling through the levels to reach the end of the game. RPG is currently the most popular category and has two main versions the first person or the third person depending on the view perspective.

Racing Games
This is another popular category which lets the player handle cars on race tracks of in street racing scenario. These games let you build your profile as you progress and are great for having fun while you drive around towns and tracks depending upon the game.

Simulator Games
You can find certain simulator games which practically lets you handle air planes etc which you would not be able to handle in real life. Or if you are a professional pilot will help you in your simulator training. Beside air planes, you can get these for practically every transport in the world.

Fighting Games
This is another category which lets you battle through melee or martial arts and have fun. There are several versions available in both first and third person in these games.

Sports Games
For those who are enthusiastic about sports can find sports games to be a treat. Football, baseball, golf, cricket, the list is endless and so are their options.

Educational Games
This is the category especially for kids to learn while they play. Kids can learn a lot through these games which interactively teach kids while they have fun

If you are looking for games there is no better place to search then on line with the help of these categories and you will find what you need with ease.

Source by Owais I Siddiqui

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