Wii Game Copies

Thousand of you are looking for how to copy your Wii games.

Nintendo has set your Wii so that if the console is opened even just once … the warranty on your Wii is voided. Not only is the warranty voided …. from the moment you open your Wii you will be unable to process the regular updates on your Wii.

Common sense tells you to avoid any program offered to do anything that asks you to open your Wii console.

So what do you do if you want to make Wii game copies? Is it even legal to do that? If so … is there software somewhere that will do it for you?

It is legal to copy Wii games. However …. there is a lot of promotions for copying Wii games out there that you have to watch out for.

There are several guides that pretend to be software. It turns out that they are only guides to certain software .. and usually it is software that proves to be completely unreliable and even dangerous to your Wii.

The guides are just that .. guides that show you how to use the software that will not work.

There are other methods offered that ask you to do just what Nintendo warns you not to do … to open your Wii console. Stay away from any program that wants you to do that if you want to keep your warranty in place and be able to continue to update your Wii.

There is a "do it yourself" method of copying Wii games that is long and complicated and fine for techies who eat and sleep technology. That most likely is not you or you would be busy redoing your Wii to copy your games instead of reading this.

There are only a handful of legitimate software programs that will make good clean copies of your Wii games.

After researching all of them …. and getting feedback from users .. I have come to the conclusion that there are only a handful of software programs out there for making copies of Wii games that is worthy of buying.

In your hunt for a good program there are certain points you want to look for and you should search until you find one that meets all or most of these points.

  • You want to make sure it makes good solid, clean, complete and playable backup copies every time. Many of them make very sloppy incomplete copies which prove to be just a wasted disc.
  • You do not want a program for which you will need a college degree in technology to be able to run it.
  • You may be looking for just Wii game copies right now … but you should look for software that will copy almost any game made by any company … whether it be Xbox, Xbox 360, PC3, Gamecube, Dreamcast.
  • It should also copy any video you wish to copy .. including your movies and video files off the computer.
  • You want one solid complete software program that will solve all your DVD backup worries … Wii and anything else you may have invested in.
  • In addition …. you want a piece of software that is affordable.

The software you are looking for will be the best investment you make to protect your Wii game investment.

Therefore .. you want to make sure you find a program that will meet all of the above points.

Once you have found that software … your question will have been answered …. problem solved.

Source by Amy Matthews

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