Why You Should Backup Your Games

It's no secret that times are hard with the economic crisis. Playing video games is a great way to let it all go and have some great fun either alone or with your friends and family. Unfortunately, this form of entertainment is not cheap.

When you buy your video games, the least you can ask is for them to keep working and, if you like to have a nice collection, to stay in mint condition. Scratches are a very common problem and not only makes your video games lose value, but can literally prevent them from working. That … is not good.

There's a great, easy and cheap solution to this: Game backups. That's an absolutely inexpensive way to make sure your original copies stay in great condition. You do not need any special knowledge; once you have the required program it's actually a quick step by step that takes a few minutes and you're done; anyone can do it. Not only is it legal, but it can work for all the popular consoles. That means Xbox, 360, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii, PSP, NDS etc.

How to Backup Games:
1) You need your original copy and an empty DVD (or CD).
2) You start up the program you went with.
3) Tada! You have a backup copy of your original game.

It's simple, easy, fast and inexpensive (DVDs are extremely cheap). Learning how to backup games is essential for any serious gamer or person who simply wants his games to be safe.

Source by Gabe Manza

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