We Cheer For Wii Cheerleading Games

A few companies are combining the new balance detection of the Wii Fit Balance Board and motion detection of the Wii remotes to create the first Cheerleading games for the Wii.

Below are two of the first Cheerleading games ever created on the Wii, We Cheer and All Star Cheer Squad. These two games are primarily targeted at youngger girls which is not that common in the video game world. The new cheer leading games will also make extensive use of the Wii Fit Balance Board to detect steps and moves and also heavily reel on the motion detection controls of the Wii Remotes to detect hand movements, spins, kicks and poses.

We Cheer
One of the first cheerleading games coming out will be Wii Cheer release date unknown right now, created by Namco. We Cheer takes a fun customizable approach to this new genre, the game looks like it will offer a lot of different options so each person playing can have a unique experience.

The game uses real songs from some of the hottest music stars from teen sensations like Hilary Duff and Aly and AJ to the 70s disco bands. We Cheer also allows you to customize your cheerleaders outfit which some people can spend hours doing. The game contains multiple modes depending on how you're feeling. You can chose to burn calories in Exercise Mode or compete for the Captian position with a friend in 2 player Campaign Mode. You can even battle it out with up to 4 players in Party Mode to find out who is the best cheerleader.

We Cheer Features:

* Hit Songs – Dance and cheer to the hottest music from artists of the past, present and future.

* Endless Character Customization – Create the perfect competition outfit.

* Engaging Modes – Exercise Mode, Campaign Mode, Party Mode.

* Really Addictive Gameplay – Spin, kick, jump and dance to various choreographed routines.

All Star Cheer Squad
Another Cheerleading game coming out is All Star Cheer Squad release date October 20, 2008, created by THQ. All Star Cheer Squad pulls out all the stops and takes more of a "cheerleading experience" simulation approach. In this game you actually follow a year in the life of a cheerleader. You'll learn new cheers, participate in the practices and even create your own routines to make the squad and eventually become captain.

This game also seems to take a serious direction with the dancing, the choreography is done by Tony G. who also choreographed the movie Bring It On! So you can definitely expect your child to get a workout.

All Star Cheer Squad Features:

* Use the Wii Fit Board to balance and perform stunts

* Use the Wii remote and nunchuck to perform dozens of real-world cheer / dance moves

* Compete in squad and one-on-one cheers-offs

* Customize the look of your team including body, facial features, hair and outfits

* Learn new moves and choreograph your own cheer routines to music

This adds to a new wave of exercise games for the Wii Fit. While these games are not completely targeted towards exercise, you can see how they would give you a good workout.

There also are not that many "girl games" on the market but with these two Cheerleading games coming out expect people to really start to take a look into the genre, especially if these cheerleading games do well which I think they will.

Source by Aaron Reed

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