Video Games – Are Teens Addicted To Video Games?

Q: Today's, teens are spending much time playing video games online?

A: recent survey estimates an average of 5 hours a day is spent playing games.

Q: Is this the new future for our teens?

A: As the survey continues some teenagers have found a way to turn these addictive games into a productive career by testing video games before they get marketed and are approaching a basic income.

How is this possible? The game industry is now over $ 50 billion dollar business. In the case of nationwide companies, producing games that have bugs in them – games that the customers will return, means losing millions of dollars, and likely jobs.

Example, if a teen buy a new game that crashes every time his character jumps while running, chances are he will not like the game and tell all his friends not to buy it. This is a serious setback for the game company. Th customers that bought their product will not buy it again and neither will their friends. This company now will have invested millions of dollars in game development, manufacturing, shipping and marketing cost but no one will buy their game because of one glitch.

Now, you will ask. Why the programmers can not catch all the glitches?

The answer is no – programmers are not necessarily gamers, they will not find all the bugs that a gamer will. If a company pays a teens $ 40 / hrs to play games and find glitches for them that would otherwise ruin the game experience for the user, and possibly hurt their sales, from their perspective it's really a good deal.

In this growing industries of video games, chance for the new generation of gamers to find the perfect harmony between works and pleasure are very high, you can find a lot of those offers via internet.

Source by James Vucko

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