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Everyone has experienced it at least once in his entire lifetime. In fact most of us go through this tormenting experience innumerably every single day. Stuck in the traffic for hours all together, with the traffic signal you await to go green, miles away; it is natural to dream of a space where you let go of all the stress from the blaring horns and the screeching brakes. Everyone desires for a haven where you could ram your vehicle into the car ahead which has probably sworn to move at a snail's pace, and of course escape unscathed.

For all such dreamers, their paradise of thoughts is here. Try the magical domain of truck games. Choose from a variety of robust trucks and zoom past countryside's, villages, and cities or from a variety of possible locales. What's more, that you can break all traffic rules you desire to break, over speed without any consideration to being issued a ticket. Run over pedestrians without being jailed. Smash any and every vehicle you feel like. Let out all those real life frustrations in this dynamic virtual environment.

You can also handpick and customize your personal modeled truck! Add those flashy broad tires, flamboyant colors and put the others to shame. Also available are racing options along with freelance road driving. Run those laps or race against time.

The real question that arises is that how far is this virtual space justified, ethical? Some might wonder at the crudeness of this apparently silly question. But the idea behind the debate is that does living in such adululent virtual environment put at risk or threaten the way we drive 'really?'

Crashing into shoppingalls, taking all the forbidden turns, running away from that dreaded police siren, crashing into a multitude of cars and pedestrians; How far does this carry into the real road rage phenomenon? All the above might seem pleasurable in the first place but when extended into the real domain, the effects could sabotage our existence. Just try visualizing a fraction of it incorporated into our life and the thought itself would have been enough to send a shiver down the spine.

The real solution to this debate would be realizing the thin boundary that separates fact from fantasy and realizing that indulgence should be limited to the gaming arena alone and kept distinctly separated from the real world affairs.

Rest, these games would rather be boon than bane as far as relieving stress levels is concerned. There is no doubt over the face that games are an ideal way of freshening up that morose mind, exhausted by the daily affairs. So play !! Run those fingers wildly at the game console and cautiously at the automobile wheels. Indulgence could be a costly affair howsoever!

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