The Negative Impact of Computer Games on the Education of Young People

Computer games are becoming the new drug of electronic population. Those most vulnerable to the negative effects of computer games are young people. Computer entertainment fills the time, mind and action.

The researchers of this sociological phenomenon are concerned that the young generation of people in a great habit of illusion. Compared to the gaming world to "electronic LSD." With games, you can create the whole new world-the world of illusion, in which you can enter that you can feel and change, which may come true dreams come true. The problem seems to lie in the type of your game, in the amount of time spent on the game and the identification with the world of the characters.

Analysis of the content of video games shows that most of them (about 80-85%) engages the player in actions of violence and contains scenes of destruction.

The most violent games of the genre are "shooting" or "fight" (the bashing), in whose sole purpose is violence and destruction. Their common feature is the cruelty and lack of respect for life. These games allow you to view the slain enemy from different angles, look him in the eyes, feet trample the corpses and leaving bloody marks on moving away from the victim. Games completed properly selected sound :ries, groans, explosions.

Psychologists are reporting that the impact of computer games is much stronger than the influence of television. Computer games require pro-active customer, do not result inaction, as in the case of television, workout cause different behaviors, which, although simulated, conducive to change attitudes in a way stronger than passive acceptance.

In computer games, the situation is forced by the rule is the rule of violence, and violence is rewarded by the success achieved in the game. Players identify with the aggressor and win if effectively uses violence (often very violent), and repeats it often acquires her practice and get used to it.

Children raised on video games are prone to distortion of fundamental moral values, confusing what is good from what is bad. With bad designs in computer games (good is all that will effectively result, even murder) young man can not properly form in terms of emotional and moral. Then falls into the vortex of the world without any rules, without rest and reflection involved in the unreal world of computer games (after the death of the computer screen, there is always the opportunity to take advantage of the next life or character). And so, immorality, disregard for others, the right to a stronger gradually falls within the standards of the world in which young people live.

Addiction has become an important social and educational problems.

Symptoms of addiction include:

malaise, irritability, agitation,
anxiety, depression at break contact with the computer,
thinking and common activities connected with computers and games such as browsing magazines about games,
Losing track of time spent on the game,
lying to parents,
separation from other activities,
forgetting about real life (contact with family)
reluctance to spend time with their peers,
not initiate physical activities,
reluctance to hold talks,
lack of response to the environment.

Source by Daniels Craigs

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