The Marriage Game

Marriage is the ultimate game, played every day. Games are meant to be won and giving up on your marriage is like quitting in a game. Quitters never win and winners never quit. So, do not be a loser and fight to win the game and fight to save your marriage.

Like all games, "The Marriage Game" is worth winning or its not worth playing at all. And since your reading this, my assumption is that your in the game, a game that you are losing. And Like all good games the action is tough, difficult to the extent that you are looking for help and looking for answers. My question to you is: are you even in the game at all?

Obviously, the only way to help yourself is to "get in the game". Get off the bench and get involved. Like sports, your marriage is a team sport. You can not expect your teams to win it for you. They can not do it alone. The only way to win the marriage game is if you are playing. If you are not willing to play the game, it's over. If you are not willing to fight for your marriage, then get out of the game. Before you can rectify what is going on or going wrong in your marriage, be willing to change your game plan, so that your team, "your marriage," has a chance for a comeback. Comebacks take effort, fixing what is wrong in your marriage takes effort too. Remember, the game is not over, and either is your marriage, all great comebacks start one play at a time.

Source by Bernie Mcmahon

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