The Games We Learn To Play On The Road To Womanhood

We Are Taught From An Early Age How Girls and Boys Differ

I understand that there are many other qualities that when brought together comprise what we perceive as being a real woman. At a very young age little girls have these aspects drummed into their conscious and subconscious, from the day that they start school. The lessons girls are taught, follow them through their formative years and on into adulthood. The little boys learn to recognize the qualities that are attractive, to them, in girls and the posture that is unattractive in girls, to them. They seem to make up their mind about their preference, from that point on. Let us simply go through these four steps.

• We must learn to enhance our femininity. The feminine mystic that girls carry within themselves through their adolescent and young adult years, helps to both define and refine these qualities which have become a large part of her makeup. As she learns to make these qualities manifest within and through her very being, and as she learns to effortlessly fine tune her intelligence through much study and the application of her chosen academia and her life experiences.

• When we learn about captivating the opposite sex. First she realizes that she's able to captivate her family when they talk with her or tuck her into bed at night at a very young age, or when she looks at her daddy; she notices that his heart seems to melt and this also happens with all of the men in her family. The mommy's heart is also touched as she starts to display her own character.

• The special gift of being able to mesmerize someone with our straightforwardness or of playing the emotional game is not an easy feat. It seems that as she learns to recognize words, and to put them together with the appropriate emotion and notices that she hears certain words directed to her, for instance, she'll hear "you have such a captivating smile, and it just touches my heart "or" just look how her eyes seem to captivate a room; with their gaze ". She has another (ahha!) Moment. We do not really know what they mean, but as we grow and become more self-aware, we remember that we heard such phrases directed at us which helps us somehow get in touch with our femininity.

True Femininity Is An Art Form, As Well As A Learn Process

From birth, and through the early years of womanhood, young ladies are returned in the art of inwardly molding the kind of woman, and female adult that they want to become. We find that by using our femininity while talking and or dancing with boys / men, we are able to mesmerize the opposite sex. They seem to demonstrate a softer demeanor than when we are just being ourselves or not in a distracted way when we talk to them. At times, with this new energy, we get a bit ahead of ourselves and over use our feminine wilds when we see what it can afford us, however, most young women find that it's no real challenge just getting what we want through questionable means , so we snap-out-of-it, so to speak, and learn to be more creative with our femininity instead of getting guys to do our bidding just using the basics. Sometimes we get a bit lost, but ever we end up just where we should have been from the start which makes us; every inch a lady and even better a woman, which helps us to perfect our womanhood. Actually as long as we are blessed with nurturing parents; we find that we are able to bring forth this outstanding woman, within us, that only gets better with time.

• Through it all, our intellect, and the way we implement it in our dealings with people wins them over every time. Through years of practice, and understanding, we enhance our intelligence through bringing together all that we have learned. We as girls and or women can cause the opposite sex to give us what we want, almost when we want, through our feminine prowess. Our formal education also teaches us that it is much more mesmerizing to a man when we get him to truly hear us through our intelligence and succumb to our emotional vulnerability than if we just try to play on his emotions. They're already on the lookout for that one. We become much more captivating this way, because we do not use our femininity to get what we want from them. Our personality steps forward and towers over the privilege that usually get us what we want; and when we actually succeed at this gift, we appreciate the spoils all the more.

Again, we are daughters who will, hopefully, later be blessed to become mothers. The husbands that we choose and who chooses us will then be a huge factor in helping us to perpetuate the cycle all over again, as our fathers did, through our daughters and the young girls, within our family circle; who we are in close contact with. The blessing may also be that we have all boys in stead of girls in our family group. We will still be able to share our feminine prowess with our sons as well as with our daughters.

Our friends' daughters and nieces will benefit from our life experiences as well. When the girls get together and reminisce about the old days, and what we got up to during those days, the youngger girls will be privy to such conversations; if we feel that it will help them to understand better what girls can do; and what girls should do in order to get what they want from anyone, not only from the opposite sex. There is always an opportunity to share what special creatures girls are, and how we can become the best that we can be through allowing our intelligence, and fair play, to shine through.

When we are allowed to freely express our femininity in supporting, nurturing and non intrusive ways, we leave with our young ones, a legacy of courage, strength as well as honesty of who we as women are, and how we intend to live our lives . We will be blessed to share and build upon the intelligence, grace and fortitude that the Creator, of all things, has given us through our pride, sense of fair play, and our elders.

Source by Josline Massey

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