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There are thousands of scary or horror games online. And many of them are terrible. Getting a good scare or working up that creepy feeling can be a great escape. Many of the games you find online are, in general, simply not worth the time to wait for them to download to your computer. So, I've compiled a list of the creepiest, scariest, and horrific games available today. You can read more about these games at the link provided at the end of this article. Let's begin ….

Bullwark 53 is a popular zombie shooting game from Pyrozen Studios. It's set in a military compound and you must fight your way out alive. The game controls are simple as is the gameplay itself. See a zombie, kill it. Pick up weapons and ammo. Rinse and repeat. The only "ding" the game gets is it's terrible AI for the zombies themselves. They frequently get stuck behind boxes and doorways, which means a "turkey shoot" for the player. Overall this survival horror shooter is fun especially with the interesting storyline, if you care to follow it.

If you like escape games, but would like a little creepy factor involved, then give The Black Box a try. You wake up and before you lie the black box. You must go around dodging the creepy and scary ghosts and monsters you find and solve the mystery of what's inside. The overall mood of the game is very creepy. The game is colorless, just shades of gray and black and white. The soundtrack suits the creepy atmosphere. Escape games are hit or miss in general, this one qualifies as more of a hit, although it's not without problems. Most of the puzzles are quite easy, but one in particular is very, very hard. A gradual progress of difficulty would have been much better. Overall, the game strikes the right tonal balance to keep the creepy factor going for a casual gamer.

For an even better point and click escape game, try Intruder by Sugarqube. This really is a scary game complete with a mature content warning at the beginning. You arrive at your friends' home on a dark and stormy night only to find that an insane intruder armed with a knife is inside the house. You have to sneak around without making noise that would alert the mad man and find your friends, if they are still alive. Along the way, you will pickup items and must solve some puzzles to make your way to where your friends are. At some point, you will have to confront the crazy knife-wielding intruder. Let me say that this game is the definition of a great scary game. No soundtrack, just lots of atmospheric sound effects that perfectly set the stage for a great horrific time. I highly recommend this game. It earns the phrase, "Turn the sound up and the lights out."

Want more? Of course you do. These games and others with more information are available at Scary Flash Games Squidoo Lens. Getting scared can be fun, and we hope you agree that these scary flash games are the best you can find.

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