RPG Text Games – 5 Warning Signs That You Are Are Addicted

You will not notice it at first, but slowly yet surely you will find yourself caught up in self exploration of your favorite RPG text games. While they do not feature the best graphics available they allow something far greater, the evolution of your mind and the ability to get easily swept up in all the possibilities for your character. The following are signs that maybe; just maybe, you're growing more addicted than you thought to your MUD (multi-user dungeon).

  1. Inspect items you own and construe a description in your head of said item.
  2. You find yourself entering commands like "SAY" and "SCORE" into your instant messenger.
  3. The emote of an action comes to mind before the actual action in real life.
  4. Begin to have your dreams in text.
  5. Gain a weird sense of accomplishment out of exploring a new area in your everyday life.

It's only normal to expect a well thought out and detailed description of each item you inspect, right? Well, that is the way it is in MUDs. As you discover the many advantages of playing you will find yourself growing so addicted that even you will not notice. Do not worry if you find yourself having so much fun that the hours just fly by, but make sure to keep up with your hygiene and peek at the sun every so often. It's easy to escape into a world of fantasy with how predictable everyday life can be. Everyone needs a means to entertain themselves and draw away from reality. Do not bother with other substances; you can get just as strong of a high without any of the downfalls when you slip into the addictive nature of games that are like novels.

A clear warning sign of your addiction is when you're entering commands that would enter in a MUD into an instant messenger window when talking to a friend. Thankfully you have a backspace button, how embarrassing would that be? If it happens that you send without thinking, like the typical user, you will be receiving the raised eyebrow from many friends and relatives. After logging off and trying to slip into a deep sleep there's the potential for dreams mimicking your dependence by being displayed in text.

Do not rush off to your local rehab expecting a quick fix. If you've been paying attention this time time you will know how to recognize the early warning signs of addiction. In the early stages of your habit it will not even seem that you're spending all your time trying to find a new nook or cranny. Later down the line you can catch yourself and handle things more efficiently. Fun is the name of the game and if you give it a chance you can have experiences that pale in comparison to the linear ones of graphics games. Mystical worlds are able to be created through the use of your reading skills and ability to use your vast imagination.

Now that you're properly prepared you can realize the 5 warning signs that you're addicted to RPG text games.

Source by Christopher K Davis

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