Role Playing Text Games: MUDs and Music

Music is a large part of life, and it can enhance almost everything … so it makes sense that it can affect your role playing game experience. A solid music selection can really make your MUD experience that much more dramatic. Sure the background noise of television is alright to listen to while playing your favorite text-based game, but music enables you to feel more emotions, and extremely get more enjoyment out of it. You can act as your own DJ to figure out what songs are best for you to listen to while you role play.

Death Metal, Classical, Pop … any of these genres could have the key to enhancing your actions in the text-based world that much more. Depending on your mood, it could change day to day what you feel like listening to, and what fits with your role playing game experience. What bands and songs you listened to can even influence how you take on events in your character's life. Music could be that missing element that helps you fully immerse yourself into your character. And depending on your character and the situation, there are a range of different music styles that you can choose to listen to while playing your text game.

Imagine what fun could have been listening to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" while taking on some undead. Do not deny your other senses – your eyes may be all that you technically need to play, but your ears can offer just as much. In fact, all of the senses can enhance your role playing game experience; music is just an easy and oft-preferred method, with a multitude of studies behind it to back its use up. Music has been used for ages to strengthen moods, and help with things such as depression, fatigue, relaxation, and much more.

One of the main things a person will often remembers after playing a game is the music used to complement the gameplay. The perfect note or set of lyrics could could really strike a chord with your character's life and create a forcefully evocative experience. By listening to songs while going through personal events in-game, there is a possibility for a much stronger and more lying experience to be had. Music is a major source of connection and identity. Personal taste next, you can even still dislike a song and have it draw forth a powerufl emotional reaction such as hate, dislike, fear or disgust.

Role playing experiences (like those found in a role playing MUD) and music can really go hand in hand together to provide a much richer experience. The many ways one can personalize the two and create an even more truly unique experience is unlimited. A new song or a new change in your game could result in something completely fresh. So the next time you log on make sure not only to use your eyes, but use your ears as well.

Source by Christopher K Davis

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