Robot MMORPG Games

Age of Armor is one of the free MMORPG games, developed and published by Snailgame. The theme of the game is the wars between Earth United Government and the Republic of Aesir. The two warring factions are named the Global Federation and Mars Arthur. Players can choose to enter the game as a human, enhanced human or neo human. After they enter the game in their chosen avatar, they can begin assembling their armor. Then players can go ahead and engage in war against their enemies. The armor and robotic mechanisms improve as you fight and defeat the opposing faction. Players can also practice their moves and tactics so that they gain experience. They can also engage in combat with other players to hone their skills.

Another of the interesting robot MMO games is "Force of Arms". The game is set in a world that is run by different corporations. There are four corporations that fight each other to achieve dominance. The warring corporations are the Senka Corporation, the Genoma Corporation, ZekCom and the Lukron Corporation. The Senka Corporation is dedicated to mechanical technologies. Their vehicles are characterized by sharp angles and advanced metals. The Genoma Corporation as the name suggests focuses on using biologic and genetic technologies as weapons. Their vehicles are made using genetically engineered metals. ZekCom is a corporation that specializes in communications and information systems. This is reflected in their vehicles which are modular and hi-tech. The Lukron Corporation has its strength in oil monopolies and power technologies. They have highly capable vehicles with good defensive systems.

Exteel is a game that is designed for players who enjoy combat. The game involves hand to hand combat, gun play and combat sequences. The player enters the game as a mercenary pilot. The pilot grows in rank and experience as they wage and win battles. Players with the highest worldwide rankings can establish dominance.

Such robot MMORPG games provide players with a choice of avatars and combat options so that they get the best gaming experience.

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