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Prototype is a hack-n-slash game developed by Activision / Radical Entertainment, which is also the same company that created games like the incredible hulk: ultimate destruction. In the game your are in an open world environment or what they like to call in the biz sandbox style game. What this means is you have free access to roam freely in new york city where this story takes place. Here you are given control over the superhuman Alex mercer. All you know is you woke up in the morgue confused and angry but persistent on finding out who did this to you and why you can not remember anything, not even who you are. Here is where Alex's revenge starts and where your adventure begins.

One of the great things I enjoyed about prototype is Alex "s character. He's pretty much your average twenty year old who just seemed to have a bad day. time to ask questions they just start shooting. Now here is where things get interesting … While taking in bullets Alex body starts to change. It does not stop here, shortly after you also find the ability to consume people which in turn can regenerate your health. your character. He can also collect information by consuming. If you choose not to consume people, your health will still regenerate, but slowly. ion is entangled in a structure called the web of intrigue, and once a person is consumed, Alex has the ability to recall their memories which helps your revenge that much more in discovering all the chaos that surrounds him and the city.

Another great element is Alex's shape shifting abilities. His arsenal is that of razor sharp claws, a tentacle arm, a huge blade, shield, and big cemented plated arms. Which all of this is very is to swap in and out do to the great combat design by the developers. Alex also has the ability change into anyone he consumes. This is great strategy when hiding from the military. He can transform his body into armor, run up walls, and super jump or glide from building to building. Your abilities are upgradeable as you acquire orbs. Almost everything you do in the game is connected to orbs; This is a great feature because there are some many abilities that it may seem a bit overwhelming at times trying to remember which buttons are to do what moves. On top of that Alex can pick up military weapons and hijack tanks or helicopters.

Prototype, away from the awesome action it has an engaging storyline as well. You'll enjoy your journey with Alex mercer his 31 missions of self-discovery and his numerous side missions. Although there are times in the game where the combat can get pretty insane stay with it Alex has more than enough to get the job done. This game is playable for those with PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. If your looking for a cool hack-n-slash game with a great story line this game is for you.

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