Pool Table Games

The idea of a pool table is very simple in nature; the simplicity of a pool table is what makes it so interesting as a great form of entertainment. A table with six holes balls and sticks to hit them into those holes. This is a very simple concept with so many different possibilities.

There is traditional pool; traditional pool including stripes solids and an eight ball is the most common game that is associated with pool. Other games that are associated with the traditional pool table include nine ball pool. Nine ball pool is played like traditional pool but there is only nine balls that are place on the playing table. The balls must be knocked in one through nine the person who knocks in the nine balls first wins.

There are also more nontraditional games that can be played with a pool table. The game of carp is one that was learned from a person who was visiting North America from over seas. The game is played without pool cues and involves the use on hands. The game starts with a player placing any ball but the white ball on the opposite side of the table. Then the first player takes the white ball and goes to the other side of the table. From there the player must shoot the ball and hit the other ball. Once the ball is hit the second player grabs the white ball while moving and hits it again making sure he/she is on the end of the table. The game is halter by the non white ball stopping or getting knocked in the pocket. If a player is unable to hit the ball and it comes to a stop they get the letter “C”. The player following the player that hit the ball in the pocket will also get a letter “C”. First one to spell CARP is out of the game. A pool table is starting grounds for many types of games so look at it as more than a traditional pool table next time you use one!

Source by George Crandall

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