People Are Getting Paid To Play Video Games

Millions of people around the world love to play video games. The term "Gamer" has become part of our vocation as more and more young and older segments of the population have spent their money to play games on several different platforms.

Now it looks that many of these "gamers" are alerting significant amounts of money testing these games for the various companies who are more then happy to pay for this service.

Word is spreading about this opportunity thanks to online blogs where people are sharing their experiences with their fellow gamers. Many people are surprised that they can actually make money playing video games. The amount of money that can be made varies depending on how many gaming systems the user owns and the amount of time they are willing work.

How does it work? Basically the companies send the game and assignment sheet via mail. The gamer simply plays the game and then fills out the assignment sheet and then mails it back in. The assignment sheet is basically a mini survey about the game. The tester answers questions like, "What did you think of the game menu? Was it easy to navigate? What was the best part of the multi-player function? Was there any noticeable game bugs?"

It's that easy and there is one large benefit. Once the tester is done reviewing the game they usually get to keep the game. Keeping the testers to keep the game is no small thing as most new video games for consoles like Xbox 360 are priced at $ 59.99.

Source by Peter Teevens

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