Onlive – The Newest Video Game Console

During the Game Developers Conference in March 2009, a gigantic announcement was made. A new video game console was going to be released, however, this console system will be much different than those previously released. This system would be known as Onlive. Onlive may seem like an average video game console, however, there is one difference that sets it apart. Every game for the system will be streamed through the internet; the days of buying physical video games may be over forever. Another interesting feature about the console is that you need a Windows compatible PC or Mac to use the console, however, the computer does not have to be a powerfully computer at all. Any computer that has video playback should be usable with the Onlive.

Many will wonder how the graphics will look on a console that is 100% dependent on the internet? If you have a very fast internet connection, your graphics will be fantastic. However, if your internet speed is not very fast, the game will not be as good looking. The minimum requirements is you need at least a DSL connection or cable connection with 1.5 mbps speed or faster. If you want to have HD quality, you need to have at least 5.0 mbps speed or faster. The number of video game companies on board with Onlive is also very impressive. Some of them include Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, Eidos, and Atari. Onlive will not be released until the summer of 2009.

Source by Calvin H Johnson

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