Online Memory Games – Strengthen Your Mental Muscle

Pick up a newspaper, magazine or watch the news and you are likely to hear about the many studies that show that mental exercise is just as important as physical exercise for overall health and well being. Pumping iron is beneficial for your muscles and your bones, but you have to exercise your brain as well. The key to keeping the brain sharp as we age is to keep it stimulated. Use it or lose it applies to the mind as well as the muscles. Memory loss does not have to be just another side effect of aging, and it sure does not have to be as noticeable, especially if you choose to take action and minimize the effects.

Online memory games are an ideal mental workout, providing you with entertaining, thought-provoking exercises that stimulate your brain and keep it feeling young and vibrant. Many of the games are simple recall, while others become more complex and challenging. The higher the level you get to, the more challenging the game gets.

Some feature music, and others words or numbers. Whether playing board games, working cross word puzzles, or participating in a card game, all will help keep your brain healthy. The Key is to find games that suits you. Do not choose a game that will frustrate you and make you angry; a game can only be effective if you actually play it. Remember, it is just a game. If you are not having fun you are probably working too hard.

Some of the most popular memory games features musical notes that you must repeat in a pattern. For some people recalling the musical tones are easier than trying to remember words or a pattern of numbers. Some people remember numbers easier than words and find number games exhilarating. There are games that feature more than just remembering patterns, some will flash an image and then hide it and ask you to recall as many details as possible, while others will ask you to read a story and then fill in the blanks on the next page . Regardless which memory game you use, be sure that you understand that there is only so much you can expect from them, they are not a cure and if you have concerns about memory-loss, you should consult your physician.

Source by Michelle O'Brien

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