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Nintendo Ds also known as DS or NDS is a double screen game control. It is developed by Nintendo in 2004 in Canada, US and Japan. It is one of the best selling and is highly in demand on the market. It has many features like the built in microphone etc.

Nintendo DSi Lite was released in March 2006 which is a redesign of the Nintendo DS. It was released in many countries across like globe like the Australia, North America, Europe etc. it is slimmer and lighter than the Nintendo DS. Many other designs have then been launched in the market and are in great demand too.

The lower display of the Nintendo DSA is a touch screen. With the help of the touch screen the user can interact within the game and its element. PictoChat which is included chat software is used to write messages or draw.

Nintendo DS has also these powerful stereo speakers which provide the virtual surround sound and excellent audio quality. It has a built-in microphone which is located at the left side of the bottom screen and is being used for many purposes including the speech recognition, chatting between and during the game play sessions etc. the weight of this particular Nintendo DS is around 300 grams and its physical dimensions are 148.7mm x 84.7 mm x 28.9 mm.

It used 4 MB or Mobile RAM and a voltage of 1.65 volts is required. You can buy Nintendo DSi or Nintendo R4 from any local electronic store or simply log on to a website and purchase it online. If you are lucky, you might even get some good discounts when you purchase them from some online store.

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