New Indoor Kids' Games

Indoor kids' games should be fun, safe, and exciting. You could facilitate such games or teach your children how to play them. There are new indoor kids' games that would certainly make an impact to your kids. Aside from providing fun, these games could have considered as active follow the leader style games. Players could simply sit down and enjoy the giggly games. These indoor games would certainly succeed in entertaining kids especially during those idle days when the sun is gone and the weather is a bit uncooperative to prevent outdoor fun and game activities.

Fire Walking

In this game, all players would be asked to pretend that floor is burning with white-hot coals. Children in a group may start a small discussion to find out what has actually made the floor as it is. Is it the polished wooden floorboards? Is it the carpets of rugs? To start the game, all players would have asked to remove his or her shoes and even socks.

Start the game through choosing an appropriate leader. Every player must follow his leader who is roaming around the house. All players must avoid stepping on imaginary white-hot coals. Thus, players could step on basically anything like couches, chairs, tables, and beds. Anything except the floor could be used. If the current leader comes to his or her dead end, that player who could find the way out immediately succeeds as the new leader. To add challenge, do not allow to step on anything they have already stepped on.

Click, click, click

Have all the players sit around a circle facing inwards. All players must begin through clicking fingers in a patterned or regular rhythm. The first player must say a word. The player to his or her left could have had until the fourth click to say any word that could perfectly rhyme with the first player's word. Continue the trend around the circle until all players do the same in turns. They could say rhyming words or alliterate words prior to the fourth click.

Any player who misses a word when the fourth click comes would be automatically out. As the cycle ends, begin again through the player to the left of the player who has been dropped out. To add interest and excitement, you could opt to reverse the direction of the play of change the words with 'wild words.'

Where did you find that face?

The statement is actually the name of this indoor kids' game. Let players sit around a circle, all facing inwards. The first player starts by creating a silly face. The player who would laugh out loud while making the face would be instantly out. Remember that chuckling or laughing is not allowed, but smiling is permitted. The current player would then pass the 'face' to the next player, which could be the one to his or her left.

Try these indoor kids' games and see how they turn boring and idle days into instant fun days. There is no need to acquire special and specific equipment to facilitate such games.

Source by Didik Supriyadi

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