Mysterious Epic Mickey Game Exposed!

If you have not already caught wind, on November 30, 2010, the Disney Corporation will be releasing its upcoming new title about everyone's favorite rodent: Mickey Mouse. The game is called Epic Mickey, and it will be coming to a video game store near you!

But if you're anything like me, and you can not stand the hustle and bustle of shopping (especially during the holiday season when this is set to release), you'll just log on to your favorite retailer and simply buy this stunning display of visual excellence right here on the internet.

On buying is the way to go now a days, it is just so much easier and a lot more convenient. With the daily grind of work, having to take care of the house, taking care of the kids, and planning for the upcoming holiday season … who has the available time to visit stores anyway anyway? Certainly not me.

Q: We know the title of this video game is called Epic Mickey. So tell me, what is the rascally little rodent's latest journey going to involve?

A: Well, the video game still is not going to be released for another couple months so I can not in good conscience give away too much. Meanwhile, here is what I am able to tell you. The video game is set in a surreal styled world where the adventurous mouse will be pitted against many of Disney's greatest characters from the past.

It looks like this video game is gonna be one heck of an affair!

So buckle up folks because this ride is about to get a little bit bumpy. But do not worry; it's a lot of fun and really great for the kids. If you give this to them during this holiday season they will love you to no end. Being the cool parent, aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa this holiday is not a bad idea. Is not it time you deserve the honors? I think so … how about you?

Q: Is there anything special offered exclusively to buyers who live in the United States?

A: Actually yes, there will be. The good people at the Disney Corporation produced an Epic Mickey Game Collector's Edition that is absolutely being offered only to residents who live in the United States.

This edition consists of some really great one of a kind items that will only be available for sale in this particular collector's edition. You will receive a collectible 5 inch Epic Mickey figurine, console skins for the Nintendo Wii, a Wii Mote faceplate and a behind the scenes DVD about the creation of the game itself.

Source by Craig Adams

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