My Xbox 360 Will not Read My Games – What Can I Do?

The Xbox 360 is certainly a very powerful console and great fun to play but one of the things that lets it down is the amount of hardware failures that it suffers from.

You have numerous red light problems, games freezing up and also what this article will tell you about the problem when your DVD drive will not read your games.

What causes the DVD drive to stop reading your games?

Well the problem is usually down to the back of the DVD drive taking too much heat. Just as the other red light problems are caused by overheating on the main chips the GPU and the CPU, this problem is the same thing except the heat is mainly been taken by the DVD drive!

So quite simply put, you need to find a way to stop the DVD sensors at the back taking so much heat and one of the ways you can do this is send it back to Microsoft and they will do for you. This is a very good choice the only problem being with the waiting time, you are normally find that you have to wait up to six weeks to get your repaired console back.

You can of course fix the problem yourself if you get a good Xbox 360 repair guide which will show you with videos and text the steps that you need to carry out to stop the motherboard from taking so much heat.

As long as you make sure you find a good guide that has a complete guarantee and also gives you a full range of repair fixes and a preview of the videos so you know what you will be getting you can not really go wrong and if you are outside warranty then it is better than paying out $ 140 and having to wait six weeks to get it fixed!

I hope this article has helped explain why you get a mysterious message when you put one of your Xbox 360 games in the drive and how you can fix it!

Happy gaming!

Source by William Turner

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