My Top 5 Multiplayer Nintendo 64 Games

While some of the games on my list do not carry the same cache of other games like Super Smash Bros. or the Mario Party series, these are the games I played the most and am most fond of:

5. Wayne Gretzky 3D Hockey

If you wanted realism, go play something from EA's NHL series, but if you wanted a fast-paced arcade style hockey that anyone could get the hang of, there was none better than this title. The best part (also, the most frustrating if you're on the wrong end of it) of this game was the handicap built into the AI ​​- basically, if you're up by two goals, it is almost a GUARANTEE that your opponent's next shot will find the back of the net. Every game was competitive this way. Careful of the goalie turning (literally!) Into a brick wall!

4. NBA Hangtime

The classic arcade style 2-on-2 hoops game, a la NBA Jam. My best friend and I were unstoppable in this game. Give me a team with any tall player (Gheorge Muresan was my favorite) and an outside shooter and it's game over. I was an expert at the shove, and it was a guaranteed three points every time down the floor – I'd park myself under the hoop while my partner chucked up a three, shove my opponent out of the way, grab the board and kick it back out. Rinse and repeat until we scored.

WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Following up on their successful WCW / NWO Revenge, THQ released this smash hit in 1999 for all the pro wrestling freaks. I recall many epic battles that spilled over into real life fights in the living room over this game.

2. Mario Kart 64

Who does not love Mario Kart? This game continues to be a hit today through subsequent releases on Gamecube and Wii. Everybody has their favorite character and claims ownership of a certain track – for me, dibs on Yoshi, and I'm untouchable at Bowser Castle.

1. Golden Eye 007

Where you expecting anything different? The game that started it all for the first-person shooter genre. Countless hours were spent on this game back in the day. This game will still entertain me when I'm old and wrinkled. Whatever you're playing with the "golden gun" or "slappers only" or anything in between, no more fun was with your buddies on N64 than with this game. Everybody has their favorite weapon, their favorite level, and their favorite nook or perch from which to take down the competition.

Source by Ana Jackson

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