My 5 Favorite PSP Games

My 5 Favorite PSP Games

Everyone who's ever played PSP games is passionate about their favorite games. You can tell that just by looking at all the "top 10" lists online.

I do not have enough room for a top 10 … but I will share with you my personal selection for the best 5 PSP Games. These are not in any particular order, other than they all make the top of my list.

* God of War: Chains of Olympus. As most reviewers have reported, this game almost single-handedly revives and reinvents the 3-D action genre. It features unparallel presentation and tightly-wound combat. I believe this is the best-looking game created for any hand-held game console.

* Lumines II. I was always a huge Tetris fanatic, which explains why I like this game so much – reminiscent of that classic game. In this one, colored blacks descend from the screen top and you must clear them out by forming various like-colored combinations. It features gorgeous special effects and a great musical soundtrack.

* Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Yes, the GTA franchise makes its appearance on the PSP. The game allows you to build your crime syndicate while watching over your lovely ladies. While it has some flaws, this game provides a great visceral experience.

* Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. This outstanding entry features gorgeous graphics and unbelievable real-tie battles. It's also a plus that it features cameos by popular characters from Final Fantasy VII.

* Killzone: Liberation. This is a game which totally unshackles the PS2 first-firston shooter experience for the handheld players. Unlike other shooters, it features top-down play, but once you get used to it, it's a blast.

I'm sure that if you try any one of these games, you'll consider it money well-spent.

Source by George Uchegbu

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